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Brand Health & Company Reputation



Trackers to provide timely assessment and early warning indicators on company reputation and brand health

  • Domestic/global markets

  • KPI's highlighting all-round business performance

  • Robust inputs for modeling

  • Various stakeholder audiences

Program Impact


Optimize impact of corporate programs on company reputation and brand health

  • Marketing/CSR programs

  • Current/potential impact

  • Direct & indirect drivers

  • Diagnostics to optimize performance


Business Outcomes Modeling

Quantify impact of corporate reputation on key business outcomes

  • Sales 

  • Pricing leverage

  • Employee attraction & retention

  • Policy influence & company advocacy

  • Stock valuation

Media Mix Optimization

Model impact of media assets on corporate reputation and brand health

  • Contribution to corporate reputation and brand health

  • Effectiveness

  • Efficiency

  • Optimization/simulations


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