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Shopper Fundamentals

Clear depiction of core target through attitudinal survey and behavioral analysis

  • Who they are

  • Where/when/how they shop

  • Needs/motivations

  • Trip types/trip missions

Shopper Response Models

Measure response to marketing/sales tactics to maximize incrementality & ROI

  • Shopper/trade program

  • Solo vs. group programs

  • Portfolio pricing

  • Shelving/assortment models

Shopping Decision Models

Quantify drivers of shopping decisions through conjoint modeling

  • Purchase decision tree

  • Transferable demand model

  • Pricing/assortment insights

  • POP message optimization

  • New product incrementality

Segmentation Solutions

Behavioral and attitudinal segmentation to inform shopper marketing strategy

  • Product, economic, trip and demographic profile of key shopper segments

  • Shopping occasions

  • Store clustering

Shopper Analytics
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