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New Product Development

Concept/Product/ Claims Evaluation

Full suite of concept/product/ claims evaluation tools and validated framework to assess market readiness

  • Volume potential

  • Salience of communication

  • Packing/pricing/aesthetics

  • Claims

  • Product fulfillment


Opportunity Sizing & Forecasting

Estimate size of opportunity utilizing concept/product evaluation, marketing plan and industry/competitive inputs

  • Volume estimates

  • Net-to-brand and net-to-category

  • Source-of-volume

  • Prime prospects identification

New Product Optimization

Model stakeholder choice architecture to optimize offerings

  • Product redesign/line extensions

  • Pricing

  • Packaging/communication

  • Purchase decision hierarchy


Copy Testing


Proprietary AdSight framework provides holistic assessment of copy quality

  • Engagement:  Involvement and brand memorability

  • Communication:  Main message playback and brand associations

  • Response: purchase interest, relevance, understanding

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