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Early-Stage Product Idea Screening

Case Study:

Idea Screening for Eye Health Company


A leading global eye health company was engaged in an innovation exploratory exercise to ideate against unmet consumer needs. Having conducted several rounds of qualitative, the team had developed a myriad of early-stage ideas that they needed to quantitively screen with target consumers to gauge their potential.

Our Custom Approach

We designed a MaxDiff study to measure the appeal of thirty early-stage ideas. Each idea was described succinctly in one or two sentences. Rather than using a traditional rating scale, the MaxDiff approach made the respondent task easier and provided greater discrimination in responses across ideas. Each respondent was asked to pick their most appealing and least appealing idea from a choice set of five ideas, and the process was repeated across multiple choice sets.

The study helped quantify the appeal of the ideas and identified the top bundles of ideas (using TURF) to maximize the overall appeal with consumers.

Additionally, we measured how the ideas performed among key attitudinal and behavioral segments that were core to the client’s marketing strategy.

We also provided diagnostics to help understand the factors that drove higher appeal for some of the ideas. 

Business Implications

By studying the overall hierarchy of appeal, we provided clear guidance on the fertile territories for the client’s product development and marketing teams to prioritize in their innovation efforts. We also helped elucidate what drove interest in some ideas and how these insights could be leveraged to develop larger platforms that appealed to a wider audience.


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