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Uncovering the pathways to brand trust for an iconic consumer healthcare brand

Case Study:

Consumer Healthcare Drivers of Trust


An iconic consumer healthcare brand wanted to understand the key image attributes that it could influence in order to have a meaningful impact on its brand trust.While a traditional key driver analysis would identify the hierarchy of importance of its image attributes, it would not reveal how these drivers were related to each other and the optimal paths that the brand could follow to impact brand trust.

Our Custom Approach

We designed a custom approach encompassing two analytical techniques: factor analysis and path analysis. The factor analysis helped determine how various image attributes grouped together into core constructs.

After identifying the factor structure, we loaded the factor scores into a partial least squares structural equation modeling routine (PLS-SEM) to estimate the causal network of relationships between the factors, with brand trust being the dependent variable.

Several iterations of the SEM were conducted to explore different conceptual models and to optimize the model fit. Following a satisfactory model fit, a path analysis model was developed.

Business Implications

The path analysis revealed the direct and indirect drivers of brand trust and how they were inter-connected.It also quantified the contribution of various attributes and drivers to brand trust.It provided a clear understanding of the drivers of trust and the pathways to connect them, which helped inform the brand’s advertising strategy to develop compelling copy to maximize trust.


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